Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Test

The first thing I wanted to do was write about this.

So, I've been feeling a bit odd for a week or so, feeling nauseous, having tender boobs (never had that before), being REALLY moody, and generally feeling quite unusual. So yesterday I decided it was about time to use the last pregnancy test I had in the cupboard.

It was right after my mum had popped by to visit me - and the funny thing was that I nearly told her how I felt, but then stopped myself since I thought it'd be silly to get any hopes up if I was wrong about it. But then shortly after she went, I did the test... and it was two of those silly little pink lines. Within about a minute or perhaps even less.. no doubt there then, it would seem! I was, well, I didn't know what to think, but it was quite unreal. I've been wanting to have babies since I was about 6 (don't ask why), and only recently had decided with my husband that we were probably going to wait a couple of years before starting a family.