Monday, 17 May 2010

What A Week

Well, what a week. So much has happened... but first - I'd like you all to meet my new son!

His name is Isaac James, and he's the most gorgeous little squidgie pie ever. Well, ok, not little at all - 10lb 11oz... so quite large really! Also, he looks really scrunched up in that photo...

I'm a bit brain frazzled at the moment, don't think I have the energy to write about the week's events just yet... not sure if I will indeed at all. However, we're home, we're happy, and we're so very proud!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

This is what's happening.

Well, I said I'd update so I suppose I should... although after so many people asking me I'm not really sure I want to spout it off again! Of course, they're all lovely thoughtful people who care about me, so it's all lovely, but it doesn't half get tiring telling loads of people the same information over and over.

Anyhoo, in brief: going into hospital tomorrow evening and then having a caesarean the following day. Probably morning but they don't know for certain since it depends on whether there are any emergency ones at the time, as they obviously take precedence. The reason I'm going in the day before is because they starve you before the op, and obviously that can get complicated for an insulin-dependent diabetic...

Yeah, you know I don't want a caesarean. But I also want - no, need - to do what I possibly can to help the baby... if it's going to be dangerous to give birth naturally then really, whatever I think or want, I've actually got no choice against my motherly instinct!!

The good thing about having a c/s on friday is that I will no longer be huge. Boy am I looking forward to that. Roughly speaking, my tummy is about as big as a big 42-week pregnant woman. At nearly 38 weeks, I really shouldn't be that large!

And of course the most exciting thing of all is that we're going to meet our baby!

(Photo: link)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Bump Update

Bump size update... just one new pic this time. Probably the last one I'll do now that we've changed the bedroom round and I can't get in front of the mirror like I did before anymore. That said, I expect there'll be lots of token photos on the day...

So here it is, put against the previous pic for reference.

                                             (33 weeks)                                                           (36 1/2 weeks)

Can't believe that in just a few days I'll have a baby. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

C to the S

Just realised I've not posted the latest baby news yet...

We went to the hospital on monday expecting the usual scan and clinic stuff, and I was armed to ask about whether they would want to induce or not - since the midwives had been hinting for ages but the consultants had not said anything about it. Of course, armed with a question which was probably going to have an answer of "38 weeks", I expected to be told at that visit anyway. Didn't quite expect what I was told, though.

It was a bit of a pooey visit to begin with - waiting around for ages since it was a late appointment and it's always busier later on, and I was getting so hot and claustrophobic too. We had, as usual, forgotten to take books to read, so I found myself counting the pregnant women (10, 9 of which were bigger than me - so boo sucks to those weirdos who are rude enough to tell me I look huge...) So yeah, by the time we went in to the scan room we were already fed up!

The first thing I noticed about the scan was that the visibility was terrible. Apparently that was due to all the water in my skin, which would make sense, although I didn't think it was all over, just at the bottom (I have a lovely malleable lump there, mmm yum). It was weird though, like looking through a fog. So the lady tries to do the usual measurements, repeating them to get them as accurate as possible.