Thursday, 23 September 2010

The value of naptime... the moment, is pretty low. Isaac suddenly had issues going to sleep in the day, and while those are now slightly improved, he'll only sleep properly if he's on my lap. Again. Sadly this means the tasks I'm able to accomplish are limited. I've not tried him in the sling for a while but I'm not sure he'll like it much (he went off it a while ago).

People were making comments like, "Hopefully he'll have a nice long sleep this afternoon, since he's been awake for so long. Then you can have a sleep too!"

These comments are pretty unhelpful when he'll only sleep on me. Yeah, I might be able to get a nap like that, admittedly. But do they not realise the immense amount of STUFF I have to do around the house - that I leave and leave coz I don't have the time or whatever and then it just gets hideous and terrible to deal with, and makes me more depressed and is harder to face...

That's not my kitchen.. but it could be. Well, I just tidied mine somewhat so the whole messy thing doesn't have the same wow factor.
(Photo: Rob Thurman)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Flowery Dress - the making of (Part 3)

Here we are at the 3rd instalment of the flowery dress. In the previous post, I'd just finished gathering the skirt, so next is sewing it onto the bodice.

Sewing the skirt and bodice together.

Flowery Dress - the making of (Part 2)

Only after finishing the bodice did I realise that the design flaw that I thought would be a design flaw was indeed a design flaw.

Oh well. I sort of fixed it. Although in doing so it meant the rest didn't work.

Read and enjoy!

Making the ties for the lace-up back

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Time For Change

I've always been a self-help sort of person. If I have a problem, sooner or later I want to fix it. Myself, of course. None of this going to counsellors, doctors or others (however beneficial they may be).

I don't know when I started pigging out on stuff (I'm pretty sure it was at about 6 weeks after having Isaac when I was just suddenly terribly terribly tired all the time) but it got to the point where I was just eating all the time, and having chocolate, biscuits, cake and all sorts of horribly bad things! And of course eating bad things all the time and sitting around all the time that I'm not out walking Isaac meant that I was feeling pretty bad all the time.

Time to fix that.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Isaac's Christening Cake

The original plan was for our old friend JN to do the cake. She did our wedding cake, and on our wedding day, in conversation about whether to save the top tier for our first child's Christening, she said, "Oh don't worry, I'll make you a cake for then too!"

Then we found out she couldn't come to the Christening, meaning she couldn't make the cake. They live quite far away, so was fairy snuff I suppose.

What to do? Well, I wasn't too worried about having anything fancy, and nor did I want to spend a fortune on a cake, so I started a hunt for something that would fit.

Turns out M&S had the solution.