Thursday, 23 September 2010

The value of naptime... the moment, is pretty low. Isaac suddenly had issues going to sleep in the day, and while those are now slightly improved, he'll only sleep properly if he's on my lap. Again. Sadly this means the tasks I'm able to accomplish are limited. I've not tried him in the sling for a while but I'm not sure he'll like it much (he went off it a while ago).

People were making comments like, "Hopefully he'll have a nice long sleep this afternoon, since he's been awake for so long. Then you can have a sleep too!"

These comments are pretty unhelpful when he'll only sleep on me. Yeah, I might be able to get a nap like that, admittedly. But do they not realise the immense amount of STUFF I have to do around the house - that I leave and leave coz I don't have the time or whatever and then it just gets hideous and terrible to deal with, and makes me more depressed and is harder to face...

That's not my kitchen.. but it could be. Well, I just tidied mine somewhat so the whole messy thing doesn't have the same wow factor.
(Photo: Rob Thurman) of course, I have to do it eventually, when I get the chance!

Housework seems to be the bane of my life at the moment.

It doesn't help that I'm the only one doing it, really. SJ's doing the 'from home' bit without the precursory 'working' bit, but aside from helping out a bit with Isaac, it's all me. And I feel annoyed if he offers to help too much because he should be finding a job! Dammit!

Makes me tired, is all.

Yeah, I've been staying up too late, but that's mostly because I've been getting no time to myself at all, and once Isaac's in bed I'm just so desperate to have a bit of time to myself that I stay up an hour or two - sometimes three - after putting him to bed. So now that he's started waking up in the night again, I can't carry on with that; I have no energy left. I feel like I've been awake for days, and today that's not that surprising since I barely slept since 3:30am and got up at 7 - after going to sleep at about 1am! Coz of course it was the one night SJ and I decided to stay up and have a bit of us time.

That was a bit pants too, duno why. Nice enough, but I think I'm just too tired to even enjoy it, I just sort of expected the things that were to happen and almost felt no emotion as they did happen... plus I was worrying about some guy who was on my mind, which definitely doesn't help!

Yeah, it's tiring being a mother at the moment... guess it's the making of it.

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