Tuesday, 15 January 2013

If I thought one child was hard...

Well, if I thought I had very little time while being a mother to one child, I was wrong. These days I have three kids, and barely ten minutes to call my own!

Yes, long time no post, but I've not been away long enough for two further pregnancies - last March I gave birth to my beautiful twin boys, Jacob and Toby. So, needless to say, things like this blog went rather on the backburner. I see it as a good thing that I stopped being bored enough to blog all the time, but even so, I miss it somewhat. So every now and then I will try to come back on here and post about some tidbit of my life :)

About 12 hours old. (Toby is on the left)

Life is definitely busy now. I love spending time with the children but find it hard not to begrudge things that I have no choice about - silly things that just take up so much time, like nappy changing, feeding, trying to get babies to sleep, and so on. However, on a positive note, I feel fairly confident as a mother and spend a reasonable amount of time in God-focused get-togethers - house group, a mum's group, two toddler groups run by churches, and a choir where most of the music is sacred. So I feel good that I'm able to do all of this because, sadly, I don't get any sort of connection at church on Sundays at the moment. A large reason for that is of course that I have to have one eye on the kids all the time, but another reason is that  the services/teaching just isn't doing anything for me. Anyone with several kids will know that fitting in other 'God time' is very hard, so I'm very glad I can do it.

Alas, I must go, because I've finished the second bedtime feed and need to tuck this little one up in bed. But I hope to be back on here soon.

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