Saturday, 26 January 2013

Three songs and counting :)

This is one score my limited version of Sibelius
definitely wouldn't be able to create!
I did some more writing today. My musical now has three songs! I really need to get a midi keyboard - I have all this amazing stuff in my head and then all I write down initially is words and chords, followed by transcribing these later on. But really I need to jot down the big arrangements, and in the first instance, before I forget them.

I often wonder if I'm going to need the full version of sibelius sooner or later. There have literally only been one or two things that I've not been able to do - create a breve, for example - but I'm pretty sure that at some point I'm going too want to create a score with more parts than are allowed, which is kind of a crucial thing!

So I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell you more about my musical. It's working title is The Easter Musical (simple descriptive...), and it tells the Biblical story between Palm Sunday and Easter day, with flashbacks throughout that visit various scenes like the feeding of the 5k, Jesus' birth, Jesus's encounter with the adultress, the wedding in Canaan, etc from an unusual perspective.

So far I've not worked out much of the intricacies of the story, but as always I find it coming out through song!

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