Monday, 21 January 2013

Grow, grow, grow...

I sorted out the new set of baby clothes on Saturday. The trouble with babies is that they grow too fast - we're on 9-12 month clothes now (they are nearly ten months old) and this is their fifth set of clothes. Fifth! Now you see why I don't see the point of buying baby clothes new...

Toby, in one of my favourite suits!

We're very lucky to have several lovely people who've given us things, including my cousin who a couple of times now has sent what appears to be her son's entire wardrobe. He obviously wears a lot of clothes, because his one set is almost enough for my two! They're lovely clothes and I feel blessed to have people who send us things. Speaking of the clothes from my cousin - how many vests can one child wear?! There were tons in the bag! We had some from when Isaac was that age, and I'd forgotten that we'd also bought a 5 pack from Tescos a while back, before we'd started getting things from my cousin (along with two packs of babygrows, which we do still kind of need). So now we have way too many to even fit in the reasonable-sized drawer that they occupy.

Amongst the new clothes was another set of stripey/monkey babygrows, which were my faves of the last set. So I don't have to say goodbye to my little blue stripey Toby just yet!

I also enjoyed being able to send some clothes on to a friend who's got a 3-month-old baby boy. All my local friends either have plenty of things already or had girls, so I had no one to give things to. So I sorted out enough for another child if we were to have one (mostly unisex but including a few of my favourite items) and then sent this friend the rest - or rather, as much as I thought she'd want: there was still some extra! I cannot complain that God has not provided well for us!

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