Friday, 3 September 2010

Isaac's Christening Cake

The original plan was for our old friend JN to do the cake. She did our wedding cake, and on our wedding day, in conversation about whether to save the top tier for our first child's Christening, she said, "Oh don't worry, I'll make you a cake for then too!"

Then we found out she couldn't come to the Christening, meaning she couldn't make the cake. They live quite far away, so was fairy snuff I suppose.

What to do? Well, I wasn't too worried about having anything fancy, and nor did I want to spend a fortune on a cake, so I started a hunt for something that would fit.

Turns out M&S had the solution.

Well, I had the idea of getting a plain cake and then decorating it myself. Combining price and simplicity... that was the plan, anyway!

I found some plain white cakes in Tesco and Asda online, but they didn't have them in store. Annoyingly. It also didn't say how big the ones in Tesco were, and the Asda one seemed too small, so I wasn't even sure that they'd be ok. At the time, I was vaguely thinking of providing a cake big enough for 60 people!! I soon gave that idea up!

So, a while later and stuck in town with a flat battery and little time to spare, I dashed into M&S to see if they had anything. The answer? Yes. The cost? £24!


So... tad expensive, but a fairly good size I suppose. And by this point I'd been looking for quite a while and there wasn't much time left, so I was just glad to have found one!

So then I needed to think of something to decorate it with. Then, while looking for a cake tin, I discovered our wedding cake flowers that I'd completely forgotten we had! Perfect =)

The wedding cake flowers in place
So then a way to fix them on was needed. Icing sugar, of course...

Scrum yum icing

The icing holding the roses in place.
Of course the rogue icing decided to go off centre but hey ho, looks ok! There were blobs under both the roses too. Then thought I'd better do something with the left over icing, and we had some ginger biscuits in the house...

Why waste the extra icing?
Practising my icing writing. (Yes, I know, I took this photo before all the above...)
On the cake itself. Not bad.

Oh yeah, the icing was this really, really expensive stuff.

Not really. £1.14. =)

Et voila.

If you come on Sunday you might be able to have a bit!

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