Thursday, 9 September 2010

Time For Change

I've always been a self-help sort of person. If I have a problem, sooner or later I want to fix it. Myself, of course. None of this going to counsellors, doctors or others (however beneficial they may be).

I don't know when I started pigging out on stuff (I'm pretty sure it was at about 6 weeks after having Isaac when I was just suddenly terribly terribly tired all the time) but it got to the point where I was just eating all the time, and having chocolate, biscuits, cake and all sorts of horribly bad things! And of course eating bad things all the time and sitting around all the time that I'm not out walking Isaac meant that I was feeling pretty bad all the time.

Time to fix that.

My fixing up starts with ditching snacking on chocolate, which I was doing all the time! And yes, I managed to take that photo without eating one! (Took conscious thought, though...)

The big boxes of Milk Tray being on offer for ages at something like £3.25 hasn't helped...

In this effort I'm also trying to get off my chair a bit more. Of course, having a baby around means that there is loads to do, so it wasn't particularly difficult to find something that needed doing! I decided a tidy up of the conservatory was a good plan. Tidying is something that gives me great pleasure, because I love a tidy home - but it's usually messy - so when I do get around to tidying a room up it looks great and there's lot to show for my efforts!

So now the conservatory is all tidy and the tumble dryer which we gained from storage (since apparently it still works) is in it's own little corner. The dining table is all clean and we can eat there again! (...Mostly the reasons for not being able to were to do with dress stuff being all over the place...)

Oh yes, the dress is finished... I'll blog about that when I remember!

Isaac's been a bit grumpy today. Think he might be teething.

He's still gorgeous, though.

Playing with Mrs Duck this morning.

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