Thursday, 1 April 2010

Bump Photos

I've been attempting to remember to take some bump photos throughout the pregnancy. I've got 5, so not entirely successful, but better than nothing! The first one isn't terribly good (Simon took it) and the other ones are all mirror photos so not brill either! You get the general idea though ;)

8 1/2 weeks                                                     18 weeks

23 1/2 weeks                                                    28 1/2 weeks

Just under 33 weeks (today)

So as you can see I'm now pretty big! Looking back at the early pic it looks all wrong, as though I couldn't possibly be that thin lol... It's strange what you get used to! Of course the size could be larger than it should be because of the polyhydramnios but who knows.

I will definitely not miss a lot of things about being pregnant. Thinking about getting up repeatedly in the night to feed a hungry baby seems comparable bliss against being unable to lie on my back (apparently the ONLY way I can get back to sleep if I wake up at all), waking up for 2 hours every single night, and having a lot of aches and pains. At least waking up to feed the baby I'll be doing something useful and won't be tossing and turning for hours. And of course I'll have company, which will help.

I'm going to try and take a couple more photos before the baby is born. It's nearly 33 weeks, which technically means 7 to go, but I get the impression they tend to induce at 38, which makes about 5 left to go. And if the polyhydramnios gets worse they might want to induce even earlier - or it can cause early labour anyway. So all in all, not long to go.


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  1. Wow I've only just read this post. Your belly is HUGE! there is so much difference between the last 2 than the penultimate one and the one before it, even though there are 5 weeks between both.