Wednesday, 14 April 2010

So tired!

Soooo tired.

Just all the time, now. Not entirely sure if this is from being bigger than I should be or just what happens by this stage! If I want to get anywhere into the evening I've got to lie down/nap in the afternoon, or I'm out by 8pm. I'm actually starting to enjoy these little breaks in the day to be honest... liking my bed a little bit too much at the moment I think! Of course there are days when a rest just doesn't happen, and then I get way to tired and grumpy and wishing I wasn't pregnant! If I look after myself it's not too bad though, so it's funny to get to that stage quite so often when the next day I can feel fine.

Dontcha just love the way babies look when they're asleep?

The most annoying change this week has been this joyful all-over-body rash. It started really gradually last monday and was keeping me awake by thursday. It's driving me up the wall! It's worst when my skin is warm, so even if I'm feeling really cold in bed I still have to just have the sheet over me; I keep giving in by about 5am and waking up hot and itching beyond belief. The consultant at the hospital gave me something for it on monday but so far that seems to have done virtually nothing, grr. It's definitely getting worse and I really want it to go away but have the bad feeling it'll stay til the baby's born... up to six weeks away, bleugh!

Speaking of the hospital, I had the check-up scan on monday, and the consultant couldn't see anything wrong with the baby which is good. I did notice she was only checking one possibility (I'm sure I read that it could be several things causing it, but hey ho...) but since it's so likely that it's the diabetes I don't think I believe there's anything wrong with the baby. It was, as usual, lovely to see the baby on the scan, although still no peek at the sex.. ;) not that I want to know really, it's just bizarre to have had so many scans and not found out, but then I suppose it's fairly easy to avoid that spot when scanning.

The measurements are still off the scale for the tummy - and the head seems to have finally grown a bit, although the way the charts work it could easily just mean that it just grew slower/later on that most babies. On the scan it was really easy to see the fat around the tummy this time, lines of white, looked quite bizarre.

The estimated weight is 6.64 lbs... quite big really! Plus all the extra fluid... no wonder I'm feeling huge.

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