Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sleep on a bed of dreams

Guess what? We finally have a bed! Shock horror! That said, sleeping on a mattress on the floor is hardly the worst thing in the world, but it was getting to the point where heaving myself up each morning was a bit annoying; oh the joys of weighing nearly two stone more than usual…

Of course the reason we’d been without a bed for so long was that we needed to get the rest of SJ’s stuff out of storage, and of course he’d been putting it off for yonks. I’d been on at him to phone the people up at half term (March?), so he finally does so right near the end. This would have been ok if it hadn’t been perfectly timed with the van needing to go into the garage. Ok, so slight delay there. So we went anyway, to see what we could pick up in the car. A fair bit, it turned out, but not everything, obviously.

So, two months later, and we were still waiting on the van. Yep, it was still back and forth to the garage! The work ended up taking three times as long as they reckoned it would! But then finally it was finished and we could get the rest of the storage stuff, which turned out to be about seven large boxes (mostly books), several appliances (all of which we left for the furniture scheme to take) and the bed frame. I don't know why I was surprised that it's actually a really nice bed! It's cast iron with a decent design, and isn't cheap and tacky either. (What am I saying about SJ's usual things?! hehe) Turns out he got it for £50 from an old work friend, which explains why it's a good quality bed.

Of course, it's never that easy...We were quite prepared to have mattress issues, since our mattress is a king size (mmmmm) and the bed is a double. I measured it, and yes there was a slight overhang, but it would be ok. Then putting the mattress on the bed, we find out it's actually too LONG! Since when were mattresses ever different lengths? Since now, I suppose. Anyway, it just about squeeeeeeeeezed onto the bed, but really it doesn't fit properly. Now, though, I don't know which we'd replace, since the mattress is really quite a good one (not a single uncomfy night after sleeping just on it on the floor for about 18 months) but I like the bed too...

Knowing what we're like, though, and having no spare money at the moment, I can see us easily keeping a badly-fitted mattress for years and years!

Oh boy but it is so lovely to just be able to swing sideways out of bed. I say 'just'... nothing is that easy any more, it's still a bit of a heave!

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