Saturday, 20 March 2010


I'm sure I've got the waddle.

Perhaps only some of the time, but I'm pretty sure it's there! Walking to Elev8 last night I noticed my steps seem to be that bit shorter and wider apart... lol. Whoopee. Ah well, guess there's not much time left... and I'm certainly walking as little as possible at the moment!

It's really bad, I should be keeping fit, but it's just so tiring!

We've got Sam round this weekend. I find him tiring too... but mostly because he has to be doing what he wants, there's no way of doing anything else really without suffering a massive paddy (often involving throwing/destruction of furniture and various household items). He was better a couple of years ago, we could take him out more and at least have a nice day visiting somewhere even if we could only spend ten minutes in a shop instead of half an hour (now we're lucky if we get in any shops at all). I mean, he was still quite particular about what he wanted to do, but he was also more open to ideas, and because he could still fit in his pushchair, was easy to take around places. He used to be perfectly happy riding around for hours - as long as we were moving! That said, he still enjoys that sort of thing, but now it's a wheelchair if anything, and that is so dreadfully heavy and bulky and annoying to take around that we virtually never even bring it over, let alone use it. Why can't they make pushchairs for older kids eh?!

The trend of videos that he watches now (or should I say mostly rewinds and fasts forward) has thankfully moved on to Disney - success! - from Thomas the Tank Engine, which I have to say was beginning to grate a little... thank goodness he only watches Bod at Grannies, coz that drove me mad the first time he ever put it on!

I'm going to watch the next episode of One Born Every Minute in a bit. It's a really good watch, entertaining and informative at the same time. It's pretty funny to see some mums making a massive massive fuss (the one in particular was a first-time mum of 19 or something) and others hardly making a sound... hopefully I'll be the latter! Well, I'm pretty sure I will be the latter, coz I'm quite tough and don't complain much, but that doesn't mean in any way that it won't hurt an awful lot!!

I really want to know which way my baby's lying at the moment. It feels like it's sideways.

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