Friday, 19 March 2010

To like or not to like

I'm feeling a lot better today. I was soooo tired at the point of writing yesterday, and my tummy was just hurting. After a lie down for an hour it was much better though... damn gravity! To be honest I think I'd rather like it if I could spend the entire remaining pregnancy in bed, but sadly that wouldn't really work, I'd get really bored! Just anaesthetise me for the rest of the time, maybe?

Yeah, maybe not then. I do like being pregnant, it's just very tiring now! I know yesterday I put that I was 30 weeks but if we're counting along with the hospital (est. due date 21st May) then technically I'm now 31 weeks. I'd love to go along with that except that I still think that they're wrong!

Also I love how the NHS website works out that my due date is 27th May. If that is more like it, which is more likely since my cycle is 32 days, then that makes it even more likely that they'll want to induce me. Sorta sucks. Of course, I'd like the baby to come sooner rather than later (who wouldn't?) but inducing has bad press and also extends the labour and makes it harder. Yay.

I do find it very weird how I'm going to the hospital every month, and yet still feel like they hardly tell me anything. I mean, aren't you supposed to have a birth plan for a start? And they haven't discussed anything about the birth with me at all. Perhaps it's coz those people won't actually be there for the birth (thank you Lord!!), but even so, it seems a bit weird. Perhaps I'm supposed to discuss it all with my midwife, but I've only seen her twice ever (once right at the start and last month when the hospital asked her to come do mid-month bloods) and neither time has she mentioned anything. And yes, you've guessed it, I'm too chicken to actually ask. Well, how do you start that conversation then?! "I was wondering how the birth will happen..." "Well, you'll push and it'll come out..."

Yeah, great confidence booster.

I really should ask about the antenatal classes. Apparently the hospital do them for free - but has anyone told me about them? No! I only found out from Claire who happened to ask me if I was going to do any classes. Well, I'd like to, if only so I feel slightly less in the dark about how things are 'supposed' to happen. It's not that I'm actually nervous about the birth itself (except the usual worries about the baby being ok), I just feel like there's a huge lack of communication... and I'm not even the worst person I know for asking questions!

But I'd definitely do hospital ones, coz others are something like £150. Yeah, ouch. Sorry - not that rich, actually!

The baby's room is coming along well. We have a cot - annoyingly not the really nice wooden mothercare one, but in fact Simon's old rickety green one - but it'll have to do. Might have to make a bar guard though, I'm sure those bars are too wide apart. Anyway, yeah, we have a cot. After getting the Health in Pregnancy grant we went shopping and got some other essentials. First, blue blankets (not because we think its a boy, but because it's a nice blue, and I like blue. All right?!), breast pump and bottles so that Simon/grandparents can feed him/her occasionally and to hopefully give me a bit of freedom! The bottles have more breast-shaped teats which are definitely going to be better for any switching between types of feeding; I've always thought the common style teats are a weird shape to be honest. We also got a 'gift pack' of safety things, i.e. plug socket covers, cupboard locks, etc. Those are mostly for childminding but will of course be helpful once our baby grows a bit! We got some muslin squares because they're useful and I like them. I'm sure we got some other stuff too but I can't think of them right now... oh yes. Baby monitor. We got the cheapest one they had (£20 or so I think) and it works fine. It's got a built in night light which is a nice touch, and the receiver can be portable or mains powered. All fine and dandy. And we got a changing mat as well - a big essential!

As well as all that, we're looking for a wardrobe to put in the room, and with the remaining £70 of the grant and £10 of our own will probably get this one from Ikea - even though it's huge! It's cheaper and bigger than any others I've found and you can never have too much storage, really. It will fit in the room just fine (yes it's half the length of the room, but hey ho) and... well I'm always one for thinking of the future - I'm sure we'll move to a bigger house at some point so it'll some in handy then too! Of course, I've also thought about if we don't move - you can still fit a bed in the room with quite an area of space still free, so I'm happy with that.

Of course we've bought other stuff as the months have moved along, but none of those are specific to the baby's room - a cute highchair from argos that was the cheapest I've ever seen (about £17 I think) but portable, foldable and great quality! Don't see any problems there really! We also bought a stairgate aaaages ago - obviously with childminding in mind at the time - as it was on offer and had tons of great reviews. We got a double pushchair off a friend for £55 a while back too - very useful if I need to have a mindee in a pram as well as our own baby, plus a single pram/pushchair thing off another friend that my mum paid a tenner for.

Hmm, writing about stuff helps; perhaps I'll do it more often. I'm sure I'm likely to feel more cut off from society, not less, as I get bigger and more willing to stay housebound! Oh baby hurry up!

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