Thursday, 18 March 2010


Yeah, I thought I'd want to write tons about this stuff, but turns out complaining to people is much more effective!

I'm now 30 weeks. Yep, thirty, that means only ten (or less) to go!

It's not like I haven't had anything to write about. I mean, I'm huge now, there's no pretending I'm not pregnant, my belly looks on the brink of popping and I'm wondering how much longer I can last! It's fine when I'm feeling healthy, but the last two weeks I've been sick proper, which hasn't exactly been a walk in the park. On Monday I thought I might have to go into hospital to get a drip or some such thing because I couldn't keep any food down and was just low all the time. Thankfully I managed to get a few sugar tablets in me in between throwing up, and apparently they work ever so slightly faster than my vomiting episodes were happening. So, two bugs and lots of bed rest later, I'm feeling a bit pooped.

It is at this point that I'm really glad I'm not working. That would be mega annoying. I mean, I've been glad all through really, but now I'm getting SO tired and am just thankful that even my minor commitments are easy to get out of! Of course I would be taking maternity leave at some point, but I'm sure I would have thought, "oh I'll be fine, I won't need leave until at least week 35" or something...

One thing I hadn't banked on was just how darned uncomfy the kicking of the baby would be! I mean, I knew that I'd feel it a lot, but it’s just, well, annoying.

Yes, most of me wants this baby out now! I wonder if many people feel like this at this stage? I know 10 weeks isn’t that long out of 9 months, but think about it… 10 weeks… that’s a long time when you’re sick to the stomach (lol) already.

All this process of making a baby is mostly getting me down coz I’ve been ill, I think. And because of being pregnant it’s taking me longer than normal to recover. Being hit by fatigue isn’t exactly… helpful.

I’m alright at dealing with vomiting really. It’s the endless days of nausea that I can’t stand. If I’m actually vomiting then I’m usually feeling too ill to do anything, so lying in bed and sleeping is all I want to do anyway. It’s when it gets past that and you feel like you will go mad if you don’t eat a big meal soon or actually go downstairs and face the world!

When I update this next I should write about my silly doctor guy. He has big ears.

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