Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Online, on digital, and on... wait, this isn't radio.

There are definitely some advantages to online social networking. I mean, aside from the obvious - that it helps you keep updated with people you don't see often (particularly if you're like me and have an aversion to phoning people), it's free (on top of an internet bill anyway), it's 'instant', etc etc. 

But it's also very useful if you're shy or a bit lame at talking to people (like me). I mean, I'm fine with people I've known for ages, or in groups (where the conversation tends to flow much more easily), or with really talkative people, or those people who can just keep thinking up really interesting subject topics for ages or that I've got lots in common with. But anyone vaguely quiet or with little in common to me, and I really struggle!

Here's where the internet is brilliant. There's no pressure to keep a conversation going, for a start. You can have a brilliantly interesting conversation over several days. I love it. So it really opens up conversation for geeks like me!

A great example is my cousin. I've never really talked to her much whenever we've visited her family, she's quite quiet, and I never ever knew if we really had anything in common. But on facebook, we started commenting on each others posts and things like that. And then that leads to feeling like we know each other better, which opens more conversation... And we're both pregnant, so we definitely have something in common now! It's really lovely though, because I've always felt bad for not starting conversations in the past, but have never been able to think of a decent subject, so it's never happened.

So that makes me happy =)

It's funny how having pregnant people to talk to makes you feel better. Not that pregnancy is terrible or anything, but it's the sort of condition where it's pretty easy to slip into thinking you're the only one - a bit like when you're ill at home alone or something. So having other pregnant people to talk to is nice. And people who have little children, too. Suddenly I'm one of their crowd, and seem to fit in like I was born there. Weird.

The bizarre thing about that, though, is that I don't feel 'old' or 'unusual' when I'm with single, much younger or much older friends. I thought I would do! I'm sort of expecting that to come about a little after the baby's born - after all, my young single or flingy friends will all be childless, houseless, almost responsibility-less. I'll be the married one (that was weird anyway when it happened) with a kid!!

I think I worry that I'm suddenly going to feel old once I have a baby. I don't really see why, I mean, kids make you feel younger if anything, surely! But even so I can see myself being more separated from my younger friends especially. I hope I'm just worrying about nothing, I hope that I stay feeling a part of them. After all, it's not like we go clubbing or wild drinking or anything, we just do nice calm things like going for coffee or watching films or visiting each others' houses. Nothing that's unsuitable for a baby =)

There are some people in Stretton that take their kids to the pub. From when they're tiny. I mean, when they're tiny tiny, it's almost okay, coz they don't know where they are and they don't pick up language or really understand anything at that age. But when they get older... they really shouldn't be there. Yet some people take them anyway. It seems to be the ones who've had kids young, and think they can just carry on with their wild lifestyle. Don't know how they can do it, it's so irresponsible, it's their little kid that they're ruining. *shrug* Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but that seems to be people who've just had the same lifestyle their whole lives and it seems natural that their kids go to the pub with them. At least pubs are non smoking places now; it's not so bad then.

Lol, that paragraph sounds so snooty and upper class. Whoops. I guess I just love kids too much!

I really should go put the washing oot now.

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