Friday, 9 July 2010

Friday Favourites

I feel like I'm stealing the name here, but I wanted to start a 'favourites' listing, and it's friday, and, well, they go together well. However, one of this week's favourites actually has their own 'friday favourites' on there... hmm, great minds think alike I suppose! I did, however, steal the idea for the purdy presentation. Consider it flattery ;-)

But anyway. Here we go.

Eva BabeHomemade By JillCraft AppleFlossie TeacakesCrafterhoursDuring Quiet TimeMade By RaeStardust ShoesThimbly Things

It's official: blogger images SUCK. Can't do ANYthing with 'em. Thank goodness I can (sort of) do HTML!

Have a good weekend!

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