Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sewing, washing, sleeping...

Well, the dress is coming along, but not entirely finished. Just got the bottom seam to do, and I really wasn't sure how to do it. Because of the pattern being slightly different to what I was doing, I should have done the bottom seam before everything else, not after! But oh well, I think I can make it look okay. I'm going to be sad to give this dress away! I couldn't really make another to give away though, this one's taken me far too long already - Z's already nearly 3 weeks old, so goodness, it'd better fit her!

Yes, I did just nick that photo from a header image I had lying around, heh...

Isaac has still got his adorable-yet-annoying baby habit of not wanting to be put down half the time. I bought a great sling for this very purpose; however things like sewing cannot be done very easily with a baby on your front!

This very minute he's trying desperately to wake up from his slumber, which is rather annoying since I need to do the washing up! However, he also needs his nappy doing, so I suppose I should take advantage of the situation. It gets me great at one-handed typing, if nothing else...

SJ's gone off to watch the footy at the church hall; we decided to give it a miss this time around. I'm not even watching the match at home, oh dear! I suppose I'll watch the highlights at some point... Which reminds me, I've still not watched the last two episodes of Dr Who - and I was thinking about going to bed soon as well... Only got 6 days left to watch that though, so I really mustn't forget!

Right, well I'm going to attempt the worst and try to put down my little munchkin man so that I can wash up. And if that fails then I'll just have to watch Dr Who instead! =)

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